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Alfiniti, Inc. Acquires Alabama Tube Corporation, the Only Welded Tube Manufacturer in the U.S.

[Winton, North Carolina, April, 2024] — Alfiniti, Inc., North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of drawn aluminum tube, today announced the acquisition of Alabama Tube Corporation, the sole manufacturer of welded aluminum tube in the United States. 

Strategic Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • Unique Market Position: The acquisition of Alabama Tube Corporation, the only U.S. manufacturer of welded aluminum tube, positions Alfiniti, Inc. uniquely in the market, enabling it to offer a wider range of aluminum tube products to meet diverse industry needs.
  • Commitment to U.S. Manufacturing: This move highlights Alfiniti, Inc.’s dedication to supporting and strengthening the U.S. manufacturing sector, ensuring the continued availability of domestically produced aluminum tube.
  • Enhanced Product Offerings: With this acquisition, Alfiniti, Inc. expands its capabilities to fulfill welded tube orders in house.

Applications of Welded Tube in Everyday Life:

Welded tube is used to manufacture many products. Some notable applications include:

  • Telescoping poles for window washing, painting, and deck washing
  • Flagpoles
  • Canoe and kayak paddles
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Conveyor rolls
  • Crutches

These applications demonstrate welded tube’s versatility, range of functionalities, and varied industries.

Statements from the Leadership:

“This acquisition is part of Alfiniti’ s longer term strategic plan to be a one-stop shop for  extruded, welded, and drawn aluminum tube and pipe in addition to the fabrication and finishing services needed by our customers. There remain significant opportunities for us to grow the product line, as we look at increasing the selection of alloys/temper, size ranges, fabrication and finishing services, coiled tubing availability, and other areas.” — Steve James, Managing Director, Alfiniti Inc.

“This acquisition provides our customers with another tubing solution – welded tube is intermediate in price between extruded and drawn tubing with significantly better tolerances than extruded tubing. While welded tube is not able to provide the wide range of properties and characteristics of drawn tube, it is a perfect solution for many of our customers. Our full-service partnerships for fabrication, anodizing, and painting will also be available in all our plants, allowing a one-stop solution whether the end use requires extruded, welded, or drawn tube.” — Steven Bellemare, VP of sales for Alfiniti, Inc.

“We at Alabama Tube are very excited to be a part of Alfiniti Inc. With this acquisition, Alfiniti covers all sources of aluminum tube, extrusion, drawn and now welded. This also opens up new areas for Alabama Tube and we are ready for the challenge.” — Randy Pecaut, Operations Manager, Alabama Tube.

About Alfiniti, Inc.:

Alfiniti, Inc., located in Winton, North Carolina, is North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precision-engineered drawn aluminum tube. Known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, Alfiniti, Inc. leads the industry in providing aluminum tube solutions for various applications. 

About Alabama Tube Corporation:

As the only manufacturer of welded aluminum tube in the U.S., Alabama Tube Corporation serves a wide range of industries such as outdoor furniture, healthcare equipment, household fixtures, athletic accessories and more from its Fort Payne, AL location.