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At Alfiniti, we believe in innovation without boundaries and we are always ready to use new knowledge, technologies and production techniques that create a competitive advantage for our business partners. Custom aluminum extrusions, custom aluminum tubes, custom aluminum products, custom assemblies, complex products, versatile applications —no matter what your challenge, we can design a solution for it.

Alfiniti sells to every state and province in the US and Canada and over a dozen countries in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Our customers are some of the greatest innovators in their industries, so together we’re always pushing the limits of invention.

Our Approach

No matter your challenge, Alfiniti has a solution

Our Network

We work with a worldwide network of facilities, sources of aluminum and industry professionals to offer turnkey solutions to our customers precisely when they need them.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that our partners receive the best possible products at prices that are competitive, giving them an edge in a global business environment.

Our focus

Our commitment to quality ensures that every product meets the needs, requirements, and constraints of our customers while being the best it can be.

Our Locations

Alfiniti is the largest manufacturer and supplier of drawn tube in North America.

The Winton facility , started in 1962 has been continuously producing drawn tube for 60 years under a variety of owners including Carolina Aluminum, New Jersey Aluminum, Easco, and Indalex.

Over this time, it has amassed an unmatched collection of tooling to produce almost any diameter and wall thickness of drawn tubing on its 10 draw benches housed in over 300,000 ft2 of industrial space.

The addition of an extrusion press in 2012 and certification to the automotive quality standard IATF 16949 has allowed Alfiniti to more than double in size since that time, now offering extrusions and drawn tube into the automotive, HVAC, distribution, and general industrial markets.

Read more about our U.S. aluminum manufacturing facility.

Number of Employees: 100
Address: 600 N. Metcalf St.
Winton, NC 27986
Phone: (252) 358-5811

The Chicoutimi plant, operated as Spectube, was founded in 1987 under the ownership of a Canadian private equity firm with a long term ”buy and hold” philosophy. In 2007, this stable ownership allowed Spectube to purchase the Winton facility from Indalex and the two plants now operate under the Alfiniti name with 13 draw benches producing round and shaped tubing in diameters for 0.250” to 5″.

Number of Employees: 25
Address: 1152 Rue de la Manic
Chicoutimi, QC G7K 1A2
Phone: (418) 696-2545

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