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Our partnership with leading anodizers, painters and fabricators, in addition to our own internal fabrication capabilities make us a true one stop shop for your aluminum component needs.

Precision aluminum products & services for a brighter, lighter world

Alfiniti is the world leader in production of drawn aluminum tube and pipe. Alfiniti produces drawn tube and pipe in a wide range 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx series alloys, in diameters from 0.188″ to 4.0625″. Wall thicknesses are dependent on alloy and size but range from 0.017″ to 0.400″.

In addition to our drawn tube and pipe offerings, Alfiniti produces very tight tolerance extruded tube and pipe in 1xxx, 3xxx, and 6xxx alloys. Extruded profiles are offered for specialty alloys.

Precision Aluminum Products - Close up of an aluminum plant worker measuring precision of extruded aluminum with a caliper

With more than 55 years of continuous drawn tube production on 13 draw benches at our Winton, NC and Chicoutimi, QC sites, we have open tooling on more than 3000 OD and wall combinations to meet almost any request. Our partnership with leading die vendors allows for quick response for any size we are not tooled on.

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