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Alfiniti supplies a broad range of industries with its extrusion and drawn tube capabilities. From automotive to medical — and many more — lightweight, durable aluminum solutions are limitless.

Our dedicated professionals collaborate on all phases of product design and development, including feasibility appraisals, to provide fully integrated solutions that are custom-designed to fit our customers’ needs.

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Aluminum solutions that make life better.

Aluminum provides a number of benefits for automobile manufacture: performance, safety, environnemental, fuel efficiency, durability.


Aluminum drawn tube allows a high in strength-to-weight ratio which makes it the perfect material for sporting goods

Sporting Goods

The corrosion resistance attribute of aluminum paired with the durability of drawn tube make the perfect combination for lawn & garden goods

Lawn & Garden

Packaging food, medication, beverages, making trays, foils, utensils, refrigerators and more: Aluminum has an infinite number of applications for the wide combination of benefits it offers.


With its low density and price, and high electrical conductivity, aluminum is the perfect material for high-voltage power lines and other electrical applications


Aluminum is used in windows and doors, external facades, roofs and walls, and other applications mainly for its durability, low maintenance cost and corrosion resistance.


Reducing weight without sacrificing quality or durability saves both time and money, as logistics is a huge part of military operations.


The distribution industry purchases both standard sizes and custom shapes.


Aluminum provides a wide combination of benefits to match the medical field’s high standards: reliability, sustainability, strength, corrosion resistance, and more.


Whether you need tubing for bow rail, outriggers, or tuna tower or tubing for pedestal seats and stands, drawn tube offers a wide variety of benefits.


As durable and resistant as it is, aluminum can also be elegant and offers the display industry flexibility.


Much like the automobile industry, recreational products benefit from aluminum for its lightness, durability and corrosion resistance. It can increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


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