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Jul 8

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7/8/2010 10:46 AM

Many metals are found in the crust of are earth. As a matter of fact, aluminum is the most abundant metal that is found in Earth’s crust. Due to its easy availability, it is also a most important and popular metal in the world today. Today, its many uses are known. It simply manifests itself in variety of applications. We are not even aware that our daily life revolves so much around aluminum. Aluminum is found, naturally, as bauxite. Feldspar is also an ore rich in aluminum.


Aluminum extraction processes include Bayer’s process, Wohler’s method and Hall Heroult process. Metal is first tried to extract in its liquid form and then it is solidified by maintaining some required conditions. When metal is solidified it is then re-casted into the desired shape. The whole process is definitely not easy and other processes are also applied before converting aluminum into its various applications.


Aluminum as is found in the Earth’s crust abundantly, hence, is most important metal economically. When prices are touching sky, its cost effectiveness had contributed a lot in its manifestations. Aluminum is strong, malleable, ductile, light in weight and of course a good conductor of electricity. All these qualities are essential for aluminum tubing. It is the favorite metal of designers who like to use aluminum tunings in their design. This is due to the fact that aluminum tubings are flexible and can be bent and can be designed in accordance with design. Designers are very creative people and they can design almost anything. Their creativity is not restricted and hence, they want material that can adapt itself according to designs. This makes aluminum tubings precious all the more.


Aluminum tubings are produced cheaply that is one does not need to spend much more on tubings. The process through which aluminum tubings are made involves a small wastage and more production. Dies used for aluminum tubing also do not cost much. One can get good quality dies on spending a few hundred dollars but this figure reaches to thousand dollars in case of other metals. Dies used for making aluminum tubing is reusable. This again contributes in low production costs. Malleable property of aluminum that is aluminum can be drawn into new shapes make aluminum tubings more valuable as they allow themselves to take many shapes on applying a constant strength to weight proportion.


Aluminum tubings come in various different shapes. Aluminum tubings can be recasted into various shapes using their constant strength to weight proportion which lacks in tubings of other metals.


Shaping of aluminum tubings does not require huge expenditure as aluminum tubings have a property of absorbing heat; it is due to this feature that it is used in the fields of automobiles and construction.


Aluminum tubing can be worked in any range of temperature. They work excellent in low temperature but can be made to use at high temperature too by ‘heat treating’ them.


It is due to these reasons that aluminum tubings are being used in variety of applications and they behave so nicely with beach one.



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