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Jul 8

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7/8/2010 10:43 AM


In order to get the required length of the aluminum tubes, the extrusion of aluminum is carried out by passing the hot aluminum through dye. The dye used for this purpose is highly cost effective. The cost of the dye will be some hundred dollars. This dye can be reused several times for creating several such tubes. There are plenty of advantages of these tubes, as they are made from aluminum which in itself has several good qualities. In construction fields as well as various industrial fields these tubes are widely used all over the world. Advertising agencies and aerospace also make use of these tubes in plenty.

Aluminum tubes are made from aluminum metal, which is strong, flexible, good carrier of heat and electricity, light weight and durable. Hence the aluminum tubes have all these qualities properly blended in them. The strength and the weight ratio of these tubes is what make them perfect choice for all kinds of heavy as well as delicate works. Aluminum is available freely and in plenty on the planet earth. Hence the cost of aluminum is not more. The process of aluminum extrusion also doesn’t cost more. Thus the aluminum tubes are also cost effective. For this reason now designers too prefer these tubes over the tubes of other metals.

Aluminum tubes can be easily inter-connected with the help of several processes like welding, soldering, brazing and gluing. These tubes can also join using nuts and bolts. Hence the workers can easily bent and join them. These tubes can be also used in various applications where high electric conductivity is required. Aluminum can carry double the amount of electricity compared to the metal copper. Using copper may increase the cost of the application also, as copper is an expensive metal.

Aluminum tubes are also used in heat dissolving applications, as aluminum is a great conductor of heat too. Heat shields are made from aluminum tubes for the apparent reasons. Aluminum tubes include all the benefits of aluminum, as they are made by the extrusion process of aluminum. The production of these tubes is highly economical too, as there are not waste products in this process. It is also possible to create these tubes in various radii. The cost of the extrusion process is not much as compared to the cost of extrusion of copper and steel. There are no additional costs required for shaping these tubes.

The aluminum tubes can be shaped easily using several methods. The workers can create the exact shape and thickness of these tubes during the process of extrusion. Giving finishing touches to these tubes is also a simple process. In case of other metals the cost of giving finishing touches is itself a costly affair.  Shaping and coloring the tubes made from other metals is tough too. The overall process of creating aluminum tubes and using them is much simpler along with being economical. The time required for creating these tubes is also less in comparison to copper and steel tubes.  




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