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Jul 8

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7/8/2010 10:41 AM

Aluminum extrusion is a process by which desired shapes are formed from a station of metal. The billet of metal is forcefully inserted through a die by hydraulic ram. Aluminum gets extruded through hot as well as cold process. As this process follows the environmental guidelines and also fulfills the needs of the manufacturers, aluminum extrusion is more popular than other metal alloys. The general aluminum extrusion is done with both hot and cold process, which is known as the direct and indirect extrusion of aluminum respectively.

The hot process or direct process of aluminum extrusion occurs between the billet and the ram. In this process the billet will remain immobile while ram will force it through the die. The cold process or the indirect process is different from the hot process. In the cold aluminum extrusion process the die will remain immobile while the ram will push it into the billet. Hence in the direct process additional heat treatment is given to carry out the hardening of the aluminum. While in the indirect process the aluminum is naturally cooled at room temperature.

Out of the hot and cold methods of extrusion, aluminum alloys mostly rely on the direct method of extrusion. In the direct extrusion process, before forcing the aluminum billet through the die, the billet is heated at very high temperatures between 700 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the billet is very hot, the hydraulic ram pushes a dummy block inside it with high speed. This method is not suitable for other alloys, mainly because other metals have high risks of getting weaker due to such high rise in temperatures. Hence the aluminum extrusion is highly effective as compared to the extrusion of other metals using the hot process of extrusion.

As mentioned before the aluminum extrusion is very beneficial process for the manufactures, as it fulfils their all the needs. Hence from the things that we all use on an everyday basis to the things that we will be using in future all are dependent on the extrusion of aluminum. Aluminum extrusion are generally found in various shapes form the picture frames to the things that are most needed in work place as well as in households. The current favorite is the aluminum tubing which is used to bind the sections of the International Space Station together.

Being environmental friendly the process of aluminum extrusion is highly safe for the environment and people too. Aluminum can be recycled several times and hence builders prefer this metal over other options. In the US the green building movement has began only after knowing the importance of the extrusion of aluminum. Aluminum extrusions can be cut with a miter saw very softly, it can be cut within a tolerance of 1/16 of every inch. Due to this ability, aluminum extrusions can be easily used into corners and even in the complicated angels. For this reason most of the builders are using this over other metal alloys. Thus the process of creating it and using it is very simple and cost effective.




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