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Apr 21

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4/21/2009 8:02 AM

Aluminum tubing is a widely used material in most industries, including the construction and automotive industry. There are various reasons for this increased use of aluminum tubing in these industries, the foremost being that this metal is one of the most versatile metals available found in abundance throughout the world.


Reasons why aluminum tubing is used extensively in the world


  • It is one of the cheapest metals available today.


  • It has a transparent oxide film that provides natural protection from corrosion. If required, you can also enhance its corrosion resistance with the help of chemical or electrochemical means.


  • As aluminum is simultaneously strong and lightweight, it is great for use in products and parts that require a low weight material.


  • Aluminum tubing can be easily bent, formed and machined at high speeds as per your design requirements. In addition to this, aluminum tubing can be welded, soldered, brazed, glued and joined using bolts and rivets as you like.


  • Aluminum is a metal that has twice the electrical conductivity of copper. Moreover, aluminum costs half the rate of copper.


  • As aluminum is a metal with great heat conductivity properties, it is the preferred choice for heat-dissipating devices and for use in manufacturing heat shields.


The economical extrusion process of aluminum tubing


The extrusion process for aluminum tubing involves the forcing of hot aluminum through dies. This creates a length of tubing with a constant cross-section, aluminum properties and a high volume capacity. In fact, it can be said that the extrusion process of aluminum tubing takes advantages of the properties of aluminum during its manufacture.


When compared to machining, the extrusion process proves to be much cheaper as while machining costs for each piece is additive, in the case of extrusion, it is possible to reproduce a specific shape for as long a length as reburied, without any additional preparation costs.


Comparing extrusion die costs with other die costs


Extrusion is also much cheaper than welding of metals of the same shape. If you compare the costs incurred for making extrusion dies, you find that it costs much less than it takes to create roll-forming dies. In addition to this, while you cannot change the wall thickness in roll forming, in the case of the extrusion process, there is the provision for variance in wall thickness.


Aluminum tubing need less of a finishing


Another advantage of using extrusion dies, and the extrusion process is that these dies can be finished with a much less lead time than the lead time taken for forming casting molds and dies. Even parts created using sand and permanent mold casting need more of finishing before it can be used.


And the last, but not least reason for designers and engineers preferring to use aluminum tubing today is because it helps in producing wrought structures having close dimensional control. This means that they can mold and use the tubing as per their individual requirements for individual structures.




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