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Apr 21

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4/21/2009 8:01 AM

To ensure that you get aluminum dies of the required shape and cast, you have to first find yourself the right die manufacturer. The reason for emphasis for finding the right die manufacturer is because extrusion dies are used primarily for manufacturer of precise products.


As aluminum tubes are created in specific shapes to meet specific design requirements, it is important that the die manufacturer that you choose is one who is capable enough to follow your design specifications.


If the die manufacturer will not be able to adhere to your design requirements, these deviations can lead to dangerous consequences. So when you go looking for the right die manufacturer, you have to first consider how your aluminum tubes have to look on production.


Find out if the manufacturer can cater to your specific requirements 


Then you have to ask the die manufacturer how many aluminum tubes prototypes you are entitled to receive and examine with the quoted price and if the produced aluminum tubes will be packaged solely for the consumer market. If you need specific packaging processes or materials to be used for the aluminum tubes ask if the manufacturer will be able to provide this.


Enquire about the lead time for custom extruder dies. The manufacturers quoting less lead time are better choices for the manufacture of your aluminum tubes. There are many die manufacturers who tend to outsource their die work to others.


As you are placing specific designs and orders for your aluminum tubes, it is important that you request for your extrusion dies to be tooled in-house. With in-house tooling the manufacturer will have better and more control over the quality of the extrusion dies.


Learn all there is about aluminum dies


Before you venture in the world of aluminum tubes and extrusion dies, it is important that you educate yourself on aluminum extrusion dies and its tolerances. There are many factors like die shape and type, billet temperature, extrusion speed, air temperature and amount of post-stretch that affect the tolerance or the amount of deviation aluminum tubes may suffer from in their design dimensions. These factors have to be taken into consideration when considering aluminum tubes as they can make changes to the design of the die.


Take a look at their work


The best way to find out about the competence of the extrusion die manufacturer is to take a look at their work. Do this by asking for a piece part review so that you will be able to spot any flaws in it immediately. Remember that precision is very important in the manufacture of the aluminum tubes.


It is always better and safer for you to choose die manufacturers which are ISO 9001-2000 certified as these companies ensure that their products always meet manufacturing standards.


With the right extrusion die manufacturer, you can also use their expertise in your aluminum tubes manufacture. They will be able to give suggestions that will help in producing better results while cutting down on production cost and time.



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