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Apr 21

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4/21/2009 7:58 AM

Aluminum extrusions are used extensively in the automobile industry because of the various feasible properties of aluminum. One important use is in the manufacture of heat transfer appliances or heat exchangers like condenser tubes, air conditioners and radiators. The reason aluminum extrusions are used here is because of the efficient heat transfer properties of aluminum.


Aluminum also has high ductility and low density, making it the favorable choice for use in these appliances. It is by taking the right alloy compositions for different products that the exact requirements of these appliances are met. Precision die technology is used for manufacturing the intricate and hollow sections of condenser tubes.


Aluminum extrusions used for absorbing energy


It is its low density and ability to absorb energy that makes aluminum extrusions the right choice for use in creating energy absorbing components of vehicles like crush cans. By using special heat treatment techniques on standard alloys, it is possible to create the right materials to use for manufacturing these crash cans.


Once this is done, a simple section with high material recovery rates and basic features is manufactured to collapse in a controlled manner. And with the right design process, physical design and material adaptation, it is possible to create a final aluminum extrusion with improved energy absorption for maximum occupant safety to the passengers of the vehicle.


Use in manufacture of chassis


Another application of aluminum extrusions is in the manufacture of aluminum chassis. An aluminum extrusion chassis provides the vehicle with the potential of a great structure with reduced assembly costs and weight. All this is done while maintaining an equivalent structural integrity in the vehicle.


Besides being low in weight, aluminum extrusions can be used in creating chassis with multi-functional chassis parts with additional features like wiring channels and sectors for attaching to body panels. These features help enhance the strength of the vehicular assembly.


Aluminum extrusions are also used with high volume forming processes like hydro forming to transform extruded lengths into accurate and interconnecting components for vehicular use.


Low cost manufacturing routes


A hollow aluminum extrusion is bent and placed with a forming die in the hydro forming process after which liquid is injected at high pressures. This provides for a much tighter tolerance in the extrusion, much tighter than any other process. It also prevents the component from springing back to its original shape.


Moreover, it is possible to save money using aluminum extrusions with the help of unique techniques as it creates a versatile and low cost manufacturing route. Extrusion dies costs within $1500, and help in reducing prototype costs in vehicular manufacture.


It is thus proven that aluminum extrusions have an important role in the automobile industry. To get the most from these extrusions, it is important to take its versatility into consideration in all stages of its production process from design to production.  It is because of all this that the aluminum extrusion industry is now an application oriented industry catering to individual industry needs, and not a bulk oriented industry.




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