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Jan 20

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1/20/2009 10:33 AM

Aluminum tubing is a hallow aluminum product.  If you need aluminum tubing, you can easily find any shape and size in your household fixture store.  However, there are many people who prefer to work on their aluminum tubing by extrusion and this article may help you work on creating your extruded aluminum tubing and use them in your requirements.


To help you understand how you can create an extruded aluminum tubing yourself, there are several steps to take and several tool you need.  If you are ready to acquire them, then you can create your own extruded aluminum tubing and use it.


However, if you do not have the machine necessary for aluminum extrusion tubing, then it is easy to find what you need in your local household fixtures store.


Extrusion to create aluminum tubing


Aluminum is flexible, lightweight and strong.  Thus, many people prefer using aluminum tubing for their tubing needs.  This is the first step in creating the aluminum tubing for your own use; you have to decide on the shape and size of aluminum tubing you will use. 


Please take note that you can create square, circular or rectangular aluminum tubing.  Depending on your need, you have to create the metal die for this.  Please remember that aluminum is easily heated and melted.  Thus, you cannot create your die using aluminum because it may be difficult for you to create the product you desire if your die will melt with it.


Now, once you know your desired shape, you can create the die.  Use a sturdy material but not aluminum.


Let us move on.


Find the pure aluminum log or billet.   Prepare your melting machine and your extrusion press.  If you do not have these two machines, a simple melting machine with extrusion properties may be used.


Aluminum tubing extrusion process


The process begins by melting the aluminum logs.  You may use alumina powder to put in the melted aluminum after its cryolite bath to make the outer skin of the aluminum hard enough to be ruly.


You will need the hard outer skin of the soft aluminum inside to be able to line it toward the die.  If the aluminum is not properly lined towards the die, the aluminum may spillover and you surely do not want this to happen.


You will now need the extrusion machine.  The ram put pressure to the aluminum billet and lead it to the die.  The container in the extrusion machine is as important because it will line the aluminum billet properly.


After extrusion, an exit temperature is necessary.  A liquid nitrogen or nitrogen gas will help you cool the extruded aluminum tubing.  Then you will put the extruded aluminum tubing in the stretcher to straighten and apply some hardening works.


The final step is to cut the extruded aluminum tubing in the desired length.


Now that you have your extruded aluminum tubing, you can use it for food processing products, household fixtures and other tubing needs necessary.


Using aluminum tubing in many different uses is easy because aluminum is flexible and thus, you will be able to work on it easily.




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