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Jan 20

Written by: manager
1/20/2009 10:29 AM

Aluminum tubes are flexible and easy to create.  They are commonly cost effective as compared with machining or welding metals.  To understand the huge difference, and why many industries prefer to create aluminum tubes through extrusion rather than metal machining, read on.


As mentioned above, aluminum tubes are flexible and thus easily designed the way the creator prefers it to be.  You can create aluminum tubes with shapes like square, oval, circular or rectangular.  Thus, many industries prefer to use aluminum tubings in their products.


Another advantage of aluminum tubes as against other metal tubes would be the ability of the aluminum to withstand corrosion.  It will remain silvery and smooth for a long time even for use in pleasure boats that constantly get in contact with water and even salt water.


The electric conductivity and heat resistance availability of aluminum tubes would be another advantage aluminum tubes have as against other metal tubings.


Finally, it is easy to work on an aluminum tube if you need one in your product.  You can melt the aluminum easily and put it the die to achieve the desired shape.  You can then straighten it in the stretching machine and then cut into the desired length.


Now, what advantages would other metal machining have as against aluminum tubes?


Aside from the need for welding and machining that takes more time in creating and shaping into the desired shape and length.  The advantage would still go to the aluminum tubes.


Metal machining may be good for other uses but for products that can be used with aluminum tubes, it will be aluminum tubes that would have all the advantages.


Price, time to create and flexibility are all voted into the aluminum tubes. Aside from this, it is easy to create an aluminum tubes anyway you want it.


Finally, aluminum tubes are available in your local household fixture store and thus you can always purchase an aluminum tube in any shape and size without worry.  It is also often less costly because of its ease in creation.


What industries use aluminum tubes?


Now that you know you have all the advantages of using aluminum tubes in your products, let us discus common uses other industries have for aluminum tubes?


  • Aerospace products are commonly using aluminum tubes and aluminum extrusions in them.


  • Pleasure boats and yacht also use aluminum tubes and aluminum extrusions


  • Household and industries fixtures likewise use aluminum tubes more extensively.


  • Modem housings need lightweight materials to be used in them and thus aluminum tubes and framings are useful in this industry as well.


  • Because of its electrical conductivity, photocopying machines also use aluminum tubes in them.


Other industries take advantage of aluminum tubes and aluminum extrusions.  Thus, if you need aluminum tubes in your products or in your work, it is easy to find them or create them on your own.


Recently, aluminum tubes are features in the news because of Iraqi acquisitions.  The government fears that Iraq is going to use aluminum tubes in creating atomic weapons.  While there are many possible uses for aluminum tubes, you cannot discount the fact that they can indeed be used in offensive products like atomic weapons.




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